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Meet Selam, a doll inspired by the rich traditions of East Africa. She's not just a toy, but a symbol of resilience and cultural pride. With her krar, Selam creates melodies that tell ancient tales, and her love for cooking spicy stews turns meals into celebrations. She's a storyteller at heart, bringing the poetry and myths of her homeland to life. Selam turns playtime into a journey of discovery, connecting children to the vibrant cultures of East Africa.

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    Product description
    • Non-toxic & CE-marked
    • Perfect gift - doll comes wrapped in a giftbox
    • Handmade clothing
    • Natural curly afro hair
    • 14 Inch doll / 35.6 cm
    • Washable clothes 
    • Fully bathable
    • Soft hand-sewn hairband - hypoallergenic, child-safe
    • Age 3+

    Created by a Woman of Colour

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Ruta K.
    Babey selam

    Beautiful habesha doll I'm happy to see this I admire you well done.

    Yonatan T.
    Baby selam

    Lovely 😍

    Fthawit T.


    The Story behind Baby Selam

    When moms highlighted the need for more diverse toys, we responded by creating Baby Selam.

    These dolls celebrate children's varied identities, offering more than just playthings—they're symbols of empowerment and inclusion.

    Together, we're building a world where every child feels seen. 🌈✨🦋💕

    - Sabelle Beraki, CEO & Founder of Bells Toys

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