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Dear Moms,

My name is Sabelle Beraki, and the story of Bells Toys begins with a vivid childhood filled with dreams, play, and a silent wish for something more — a wish for representation.

As a child, I wandered through toy aisles, searching for a doll that looked like me, that shared the rich tapestry of my heritage and the unique curl of my hair. That search planted the seed for what would bloom into Bells Toys.

I understand the immense world our children navigate, a world brimming with possibilities yet often lacking reflections of themselves.

Every child deserves a doll that doesn't just join their playtime adventures but also mirrors their beauty, strength, and limitless potential. A doll that tells them,

"You are seen. You are loved. You belong."

Bells Toys was created from this vision—not just as a company but as a commitment to change.

We dedicate ourselves to crafting dolls that do more than entertain. They reflect the diverse beauty of the children who hold them, fostering self-confidence and a positive self-image from a young age. This mission is about ensuring every child feels included, valued, and empowered to dream big.

To the moms who've witnessed the longing in their child's eyes for a toy that truly represents them, Bells Toys stands with you. We're here to fill that gap, to turn aisles of sameness into spaces of diversity and inclusion. Together, we can ensure every child finds a doll that looks just like them—a source of comfort, joy, and validation.

Your Child's Growth, Our Mission 

every mom deserves to...

Let's embark on this journey of love, representation, and empowerment together. Because every child deserves to be the hero of their story, and every mom deserves the joy of seeing their child's identity celebrated.

With dedication and hope,

Sabelle Beraki - Founder, Bells Toys💞

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