Articles about our work

Here are some articles and magazines we have been featured in:  

Swedish magazine mitti: "20-åriga Sabelle startade eget dockföretag"

Stockholm's biggest radiochannel P4: Sabelles dockor ska inkludera: Hoppas skapa positiv självbild 

Article about me and my dolls in the Swedish magazine Mitti

“Teaching Our Kids Self-Love is One of Our Greatest Forms of Activism”

Teaching children self-love is an important way to bring about meaningful change and challenge societal norms or systems that may contribute to low self-esteem, inequality, discrimination, or self-doubt. By encouraging children to love and value themselves, we equip them with a strong foundation of self-confidence, resilience, and self-empowerment.

When children possess self-love, they are more likely to develop healthy relationships, make positive choices, and advocate for themselves and others. By nurturing their self-worth, we contribute to a generation that is better equipped to confront societal challenges, break down stereotypes, and promote equality and justice.

In essence, teaching self-love to children is seen as an impactful form of activism because it promotes positive change at an individual level, with the potential to ripple outwards and impact broader societal attitudes and structures.

Other articles about the importance of diveristy in dolls: 

We highly recommend delving into these fascinating articles and studies that shed light on the significance of building a strong self-image at a young age.

Maisonette, Why It’s So Important to Bring Racial Diversity To Your Kids’ Play

Medium, The Growing Importance of Toys Reflecting the Diversity of Today’s Kids